About Us

We bring the idea of shopping local online by connecting you with an unparalleled roster of chefs, artisans, Makers, and farmers from our creative and diverse Southland community, spanning Baja California through the Central Coast.

We are a marketplace born out of a desire to showcase the breadth of artisans in our community and provide them with a platform to share their voices and sell their products.

Doorstep Market is open to Makers of all concentrations — chefs, artisans, designers, crafters, alchemists, farmers, welders, and more — allowing us the opportunity to cultivate an unparalleled roster of talent from one of the most diverse and culturally profound landscapes in the country — The Southland.

Our team has helped nurture the community we seek to grow. Our goal is to introduce shoppers from around the country to the talented makers in our unique region, spanning Baja California to California’s Central Coast.

Doorstep Market is our new way forward, together.