Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Common Queries


  • How do I purchase products from your site?

    Shopping on Doorstep Market is fast and easy. Find a product you like, add it to your shopping cart, and checkout - just like any other e-commerce store.

    What's important for you to know is that when you shop on Doorstep Market you are shopping directly from local and small Makers, Growers, Artisans and Providers. These Makers operate their own storefronts on Doorstep Market and list their own products. Shopping on Doorstep Market supports these Makers directly.

  • How are Your Products Delivered?

    When you checkout on Doorstep Market, if your product needs to be shipped to you, you'll see the available shipping options from the Maker. You can select your preferred shipping speed and price. Once your order is placed, the Maker will prepare and ship your order directly from their store.

    Each of our Makers are unique, and their products and businesses require different shipping options - for example you wouldn't want to recieve oysters after they were shipped ground! Therefore, the shipping options you see are Maker specific to ensure your products arrive safely and in good time.

  • How quickly will my items be shipped?

    Each product has a "Usually Ships In" note on the Product Detail Page. This is tells you how quickly a Maker will ship your product. Some products take over a month to make! Other's can ship the next day.

  • How do I pay for my products?

    We use PayPal as our trusted and secure payment system. All sales completed on Doorstep Market are processed by PayPal.

    When checking out, you can use a credit or debit card, or your PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to checkout - you can use just your regular credit or debit card.

    When you submit your order and payment, the funds are sent directly to the maker's PayPal account - helping support their business!

    The Maker is responsible for approving your order, receiving your payment, fulfilling the order, and processing any refunds or returns.

  • After Purchasing a Product, What Happens Next?

    Your order is sent directly to the Maker. They will 'acknowledge' your order and set to work on making, packing and shipping your product.

    Please know that this isn't a next day shipping purchase. When buying on the Doorstep Market, you are working with and supporting a small-scale local Maker or business. Most of time, the products are handmade, either to order or in small batches. So please don't expect next day shipments and super fast turnaround times. All our Makers work incredibly hard to produce these carefully crafted items and to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. Each product is listed with a "Usually Ships In" note to tell you how quicly you can expect the item to ship from the Maker. This does not include the shipping time.

Selling On Doorstep Market

  • How can I join Doorstep Market as a Maker?

    We would love to welcome you to sell your locally made products on the Doorstep Market, and reach our growing audience of shoppers.

    To learn more visit: Selling On Doorstep Market

  • I want to increase my sales on Doorstep Market. How can I do that?

    We have a lot of products and Makers on the site, and we know getting found is one of the most important needs of our Makers.

    We first always recommend Maker's to self-promote their products and Maker Profile via their own marketing channels. For example, have you linked to your Maker Profile in your social posts and e-mail newsletters? We've seen Makers who self promote immedaiately start making sales.

    We have a range of promotional opportunities for Makers to get premium positioning on the site. Find out more here about Adveritising Opportunities.

    Finally, we highly recommend Makers to use the Promotional tools available in the Maker Portal, and to market these promotions. For example, have you tried offering an exclusive Doorstep Market discount coupon to your audience?

  • What is the best way to build my profile and listings?

    This is the best first question to ask when you join our site as a Maker! We've built a tonne of cool promotional and information tools for you to highlight, describe, show and sell your products. We want you to take the time to create narrative-rich Maker Profiles that tell you story and expand your brand. We also would like to see your products listed with compelling descriptions and accurate attribute data. All this helps your Search Engine Performance, your sales, and your shopper-engagement.

    To get into the details, check out: Creating a Fantastic Maker Profile