Nini Ordoubadi, Artisanal Tea Blender

Third generation Persian tea blender making and blending exquisite teas in Delhi, NY.

Blending artisan tea at Tay Tea is an integral part of who Nini Ordoubadi is. It's deeply ingrained her Persian culture and an enduring part of her family’s legacy. She grew up spending summers at her great-aunt’s home on the Caspian Sea, where friends and neighbors gathered for private tea-blending sessions in the garden. A New York resident since she left Iran, Nini initially sought out the slower pace of the Catskills for weekends, but soon dreamed of a space where she could invite people to experience tea. Nini is now a full-time resident with a thriving tea atelier and shop in Delhi, NY, a must-stop for anyone traveling to the area. With her delicious teas—many of which incorporate locally grown ingredients—Nini's welcoming smile, relaxed boho style, and her genuine empathy for all who enter, she's truly is the consummate hostess.

Nini Ordoubadi, owner of an artisan tea blend shop in Delhi, NY pouring tea.Nini Ordoubadi, owner of an artisan tea blend shop in Delhi, NY pouring tea.

The Mistress of Ceremonies. Spend one day with Nini in her tea atelier and  leave as a member of her tightly knit clan of fans, family and friends.

Blue tea called Azul blended by Tay Tea in Delhi NYBlue tea called Azul blended by Tay Tea in Delhi NY

Purple haze. Azul, a mesmerizingly blue tea, turns vivid purple with the squeee of a lemon. A magic gift for tea heads.

The Tay Tea Shop

Almost as good as being there. Shop Tay Teas for your home.


Looking for amourTry this delicious recipe for Persian Rose “Love Spell” Cookies. With every bite, you’ll fall head over heels again and again.

Makes 24 cookies

Recipe for Persian Rose Tea Cookies from Tay Tea Delhi NYRecipe for Persian Rose Tea Cookies from Tay Tea Delhi NY


For Cookies

3 tablespoons Persian Rose loose leaf tea, finely ground (Be sure to crush the cardamom pods, take out the seeds and discard shells before grinding tea.)
½ cup packed light brown sugar
1½ sticks (¾ cup) unsalted butter
1½ teaspoons vanilla
½ teaspoon salt
1½ cups flour

For Icing

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons rosewater
1 tiny drop organic natural red food coloring
rose petals


1. Beat together ground tea, sugar and butter until fluffy and lighter in color.
2. Mix in vanilla and salt.
3. Fold in the flour gradually and continue to mix until uniform dough is formed.
4. Roll dough into a log 1½ inches in diameter using wax paper or plastic wrap.
5. Chill.
6. After chilling, slice into ⅜-inch-thick cookies on baking sheet.
7. Bake at 350°F for 8 minutes in a convection oven or a little longer in a regular oven (until the edges are golden).
8. Mix the icing. It is a simple glaze; be sure not to make it too thick.
9. Ice the cooled cookies with a brush. Top with rose petals while glaze is still wet

Winter, Hudson Valley Style
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Winter, Hudson Valley Style