About Us

From the team who brings you
Edible Boston and Edible Worcester


We created New England Doorstep Market to make it easier for shoppers to connect with the growers and artisans that define this vibrant region of culinary traditions and innovations. We know shoppers want to support their local communities and we want to make it possible for you to find the best of New England. As the publishers Edible Boston and Edible Worcester, we spend all of our time getting to know our local farmers, chefs, artisans, brewers, distillers and other unique businesses and celebrating them by telling their stories to our audience. We are so thrilled to be able to currate New England Doorstep Market so that you can quickly find wonderful goods made in a community near you.


Our team members live in the regions we serve. Raising our families, connecting with our communities in a region that boasts some of the oldest family farms in the country. At New England Doorstep Market, we know what a lobster freshly harvested from the waters of Maine tastes like, what the unique terroir of the Northeast Kingdom adds to maple syrup and how the fertile soil of the Connecticut River Valley helps New England cows produce fine artisan cheeses and savory grass-fed beef. We also revel in the vibrancy and variety available to our palates by the members of many cultures that have moved to New England over the years. From Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, these New Englanders produce delicious pad thai, samosas, papusas and falafel. In Edible Boston and Edible Worcester, we've featured chefs and food producers from around the world who now make New England home. Their foods inform our idea of New England food just as much as chowder, beans and lobster.