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Why Doorstep Market?

Finally, a marketplace that caters to the local artisan, chef and producer. We connect you to our network of millions of mindful shoppers who prefer to spend money with small, local businesses. But that’s not all.

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We’re market trailblazers. You’ll be joining the ranks of hand-picked local business superstars–the best of the best.


You make, we market. Our dynamic team features Makers and their products in daily marketing campaigns, including; email newsletters, award-winning social media, native content, and ad campaigns.


Tied up with tech issues? Stuck on business strategy? A REAL person is here to troubleshoot, offer marketing advice, give SEO suggestions, and offer photography/video packages to help support your business goals.

Seller Stories

“The Doorstep Market personifies the Hudson River Valley Maker community in an amazing way. I am honored to be part of a brand that celebrates local, high-quality goods from our region. Not only have I gained some wonderful clients, I’ve been able to discover and network with other makers in the Hudson River Valley.”

Natalie from Bat Flower Press

“We focus on creating great small-batch American vinegars with a real sense of place. New England Doorstep's focus on product origin, authenticity, and quality made them a natural partner for us and we are excited to be part of their mission to bring a bit of New England to everyone.”

“My experience with Doorstep Market has been incredibly supportive and positive. I am delighted to be on a platform sharing my product with so many other hardworking Makers. The people behind Doorstep Market have made great strides in giving customers access to high-quality goods and food. I am happy to be a part of the Doorstep Community.”

Kathleen from Tienda Salsita

“Meal Mantra is indeed fortunate that we continue to partake of love and support from our customers and the New England Doorstep Market is such a timely and wonderful initiative to enable smaller food companies to get the word out on clean and good products!”

Tarun and Anu from Meal Mantra

Ready to Join? Here's How It Works

1) Customers browse and select your goods or service on Doorstep Market.

2) We send you email notifications of your orders.

3) You send the product to customers or arrange for pickup or delivery.

4) Your payment is transferred securely to your PayPal account.

Maker Membership and Fees

Options for all Kinds of Makers and Budgets

Seller Free

every month

Start Selling

Full Maker Profile Page

Maker Portal Access

Unlimitted Product Listings

15% Commission Rate

2.9% PayPal Processing Fee

Alcohol Seller

per month / paid monthly

Start Selling

Full Maker Profile Page

Maker Portal Access

Unlimited Product Listings

2.9% PayPal Processing Fee

CBD Maker

per month / paid monthly

Listing your products

Full Maker Profile Page

Maker Portal Access

Unlimited Product Listings

Product Listing Links to Your URL

Listing Only Starter

per month / paid monthly

Start Selling

10 Listing with No Price

Full Maker Profile Page

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Listing Only Growth

per month / paid monthly

Geared for Volume

Up to 25 Listings with No Price

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Monthly Premium Position

Listing Only Power Seller

per month / paid monthly

Major Brand Awareness

Unlimited Listings with No Price

Full Maker Profile Page

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Best Monthly Premium Placement

National Site Premium Placement

Do you have what it takes?

  • Unique, local alternatives to generic and Big Box
  • Handmade, small-batch, ethically sourced
  • Excellent quality standard
  • An undiscovered (or discovered!) local favorite 
  • Motivated to grow your business and your audience
  • Excellent customer service (we can help with that!)
  • Dazzling product photography (we can help with that too!)
You May Be Wondering...

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

How many orders will I get?

This turbocharged e-commerce platform is mighty powerful, but a lot of that depends on you. We’ll be bringing you millions of potential customers, but how you harness that audience lies in the work you put into it: thoughtful pricing, tempting photography and descriptions, and your own imaginative marketing and promotions. We’re here to support you through the process, to share what we know that works for other Makers, and to offer optional services to help further grow your business.

How will you promote me?

Not only is the platform powerful, but the industry-leading marketing professionals behind it are best in class. You and your products will benefit from our investment in a wide range of digital promotion, award-winning social media, and national and regional campaigns that will introduce you to new fans from all over the region and the country. The spotlight will shine especially brightly on the most compelling Makers and products.

Shipping is not my specialty. How can you help?

Totally. First, we have a great Maker support program called Trade and Prosper, which is designed to help local and small businesses develop and grow. We also have market managers in our regions who love supporting their local Makers. Our platform also has all the gizmos and wizardry you’ll need to automatically calculate shipping rates and print shipping labels. Just select your preferred shipping carriers  such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, and off you go!

Why should I sell on Doorstep Market when I already sell on my own site?

If you already sell on your own site, then you know how important it is to reach more and more potential customers each week. It takes considerable time, commitment and investment to reach a larger and larger audience. We do much of that work for you. So much so that in fact many of our Makers will see the value in selling only on Doorstep Market so that they can focus on what they do best: Make!

How do I get paid?

First you’ll need a Business PayPal account, which you can sign up for here. We love PayPal as our payment processor because its secure, brand-recognized, cost-effective, and fast. Every time you make a sale, your funds will be transferred directly to your Business PayPal account.

Read Helpful Support Articles

We’ve got lots of resources to help Makers sell on Doorstep Market, including help videos.

Got a question?    Drop us a line.